Dylan Crabtree

Hello! I’m Dylan Crabtree, Director of Operations at Aria Dental Implants & Perio. I’ve began my career in dentistry in 2011 as an RDA. After a few years, I worked my way up a supervisory position with a large group practice. Over this time, I became passionate about dentistry because I’ve seen how it changes patient’s lives for the better.

In 2019, I applied to dental school, and I was simultaneously offered an alternate path to learn the business of dentistry. I continued to grow in my knowledge and appreciation for the business of dentistry.

Early Career

Much of my work in last four years involved recruiting and developing relationships between specialists and restorative dentists in the Central Valley, Sacramento and Bay Area. I appreciate the energy required of both restorative dentists and periodontists to communicate at a level required to create optimal results for their valued patients. I am passionate about facilitating that interdisciplinary communication, so that both doctors and their teams can perform at their highest levels.

Aligning with referring doctors allowed me to better appreciate the complex nature of interdisciplinary communication. As the Director of Operations, I am excited to get to know you and work with you. I will be visiting your office regularly to check in with you and your team to see what I can do to support you and your office. I am “on call” to take your questions and provide information and support about patients you send our way.

Dylan Crabtree, Director of Operations at Aria Dental

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Hobbies and Interests

Away from the office, I love spending time with my wife and daughter. We as a family enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, spending time together, and playing golf, football. We look forward to the future family trips.

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