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May 7, 2019

MAY 2019, ISSUE 1

During the first quarter of 2019, my team and I launched fearlessly into a strategic plan to transform my organization. You are already aware of the brand change from Camellia to Aria. Please visit our new website at, and send feedback for improvement. This “rebranding” was made to support the expansion of the practice into the Rocklin area. The camellia is very recognizable as a symbol, the beautiful city flower of Sacramento. Obviously, the symbol of the camellia does not transfer well to Rocklin.  The new location is up and running, and we would like to thank everyone who attended our Grand Opening and made it a resounding success! We had the pleasure of a visit from Mayor Joe Patterson and City Council member Ken Broadway! Thank you all for taking the time to celebrate with us.

I am particularly grateful for the internal leadership Gina Walker has brought as my Business Manager. She has hired a talented team that has followed her lead in aligning with my practice values. As I look around my office, I feel a profound sense of gratitude as I see a level of excellence in service I’ve dreamt about for years.

One of those important additions to the team is Dr. Jennifer Goss, my dear friend of many years, and an excellent periodontist. Jennifer sold her practice in Roseville about a year ago, expecting to leave clinical dentistry in the rear-view mirror. Retirement didn’t last long for her. She has found a new home in my practice as my employee and my “dental hygienist.” She describes herself as “a periodontist who prefers to do dental hygiene.”

I have had excellent RDH talent over the years, but many left when a full-time position became available elsewhere. I really appreciate the stability Jen has brought to the clinical setting. Please read her bio on the following pages. Your patients tell me every day how much they adore her kind, gentle and compassionate care. I feel truly blessed to have her on my clinical team.

I want to thank my amazing referring doctors who have trusted me over the years to perform a very high level of clinical service for our mutual patients. When I’ve asked for feedback on areas of improvement, I’ve consistently heard that I could do better to communicate changes in my practice more directly and consistently. This first newsletter is my answer to that request. I plan to publish it monthly for now, and at least quarterly when we reach a more settled state of operation. More changes are on the way, and I look forward to introducing them in this newsletter. Thank you for your trust and support!


My name is Jennifer Goss and I am honored to provide care to patients at Aria Periodontics, helping them regain and maintain their oral health. My role at Aria is as a hygienist, surgical assistant, and support staff wherever I can help! I prefer to practice as a dental hygienist after twenty years of practicing as a periodontist, and have found a home with Dr. Korn and the team here in Sacramento. Dr. Korn and I have been friends and colleagues since 2007 and enjoy working together. I grew up in the Bay Area and graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Biology. I attended UC San Francisco for dental school and my periodontal training. I still have a lot of family in that area that I get to go visit all the time. I have three teenagers at home that keep me on my toes, and I love to exercise, read, and help people be healthy!

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