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Periodontal Microsurgery: Beautiful, Results, Comfortably

Nov 18, 2021

As I reflect over 25 years of clinical practice, the most frightened patients I meet are those who have been referred for evaluation of gum recession. My intention is to inspire more doctors and hygienists to instill a sense of optimism and hope that the problem can be solved comfortably and predictably. Patients who have received connective tissue grafting at Aria routinely report a very comfortable experience during and after microsurgery. Our goal is to return every patient to their dentist in a healthy state, thankful for the referral to our office.

To better understand why patients tend to become frightened by a periodontal referral, let’s explore it from their perspective. If left to their own imaginations, patients will believe gum surgery will be expensive, painful and unpredictable. Patients may also believe they have done something to cause the problem. Honestly, gum surgery is a significant financial investment. Thankfully, many patients have dental plans that help. The minimally-invasive nature of microsurgery makes surgery more comfortable and more predictable. Our patients take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen) after surgery, not opiates. Feel free to share this with them! They will love you for it, and they will be more hopeful and optimistic when they arrive in our office. A vast majority of inadequate attached gingiva is genetically predetermined, and is not intentionally caused by a patient. The bottom line is that love and trust trumps fear and doubt when informing patients of their gum problems.

Microsurgery requires advanced training with a microscope, and a lifetime commitment to learning. In 25 years of performing microsurgery, I have yet to hear a patient say they would NOT do the treatment a second time. Patients tell me the process of getting numb is the most uncomfortable part of the process.

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The case shown below is a 21 year-old young man, post-orthodontic care. He presented with one tooth that had severe recession and eight that had inadequate attached gingiva. “Inadequate attached gingiva” (IAG) and gingival recession are not the same. He was given the option to treat #24 (severe recession) or 21 through 28 (IAG). By showing the patient the missing gum seal, even on teeth with no recession, he was able to make an informed choice. He chose to treat all eight. He thanked his dentist for the referral. He even honored us with a five star Google review!

In summary, please tell your valued patients that modern periodontal surgery can be done comfortably and predictably. We will take great care of every referral.

Microsurgery before and after

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