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Jun 4, 2019

JUNE 2019, ISSUE 2

Dr. Matthew Korn provides an update on Aria and answers your FAQs!

The last two months have been super busy and very rewarding. We had a very successful Grand Opening in Rocklin, and we launched our first ever newsletter. This newsletter was inspired by the many questions I was hearing from patients and referring doctors like you. I received 100% positive feedback from the first edition, and it has stimulated more questions. Thank you for the inspiration! For years, I’ve been answering questions as I heard them, one-on-one. If I hear a great question, chances are others likely would benefit from hearing my response. So here are my responses! See if you can guess what the question might have been.

  • I have no plans to close the Sacramento office! I love midtown and I could not imagine leaving. The midtown demographic seems to be getting younger every year, and people over 50 tend to be my patients. Since the State of California is the largest employer in the history of California, and they are centered here, it makes economic sense to stay. I’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of amazing dentists in the midtown area, and serving them and their patients continues to be a privilege. We are staying in Sacramento for the long run.
  • I am seeing patients in both offices, five days a week, splitting my time as the demand requires.  
  • The growth of the Rocklin office has exceeded my expectations, and my long term goal is to attract a partner to help. I have set the intention to have a candidate for partnership by Spring 2020. Wish us luck!
  • The new “Aria” brand is being applied to both offices, and sadly, the Camellia has been retired. The Camellia brand served us well for nearly 20 years, and we still have a beautiful white camellia growing outside the front door of the Sacramento office as a reminder of our past.
  • Our email addresses are all the same, and they have changed. Let me explain. The part before the @ remains unchanged, while the has changed to We will continue to receive messages sent to old and new email addresses, so no change is required from our patients and referring offices who use email to communicate.  
  • I prefer that patients call me Matt and for years I introduced myself to patients that way. Patients and employees have generally gravitated toward “doctor” and until recently, I have remained silent. I’ve begun to extend a gentle invitation toward “Matt” when patients address me as “doctor” and I’m really enjoying being on a first name basis with your patients. It feels more like home. It’s kind of cute hearing my team struggle to change from Dr. Korn to Matt. I love them dearly!
  • We reserve space every day for emergency patients. If your valued patient is experiencing pain (physical or emotional) send them our way!
  • We welcome your referrals, and we can appoint them within two weeks. I can promise that we will communicate in this newsletter if the time frame to meet your patients becomes longer. 

Keep the wonderful questions coming, and I will continue to publish the answer in What’s Happening. Thank you for your referrals. We are honored to serve every one of them! 


Gina Walker featured employee at Aria Dental

Gina Walker

RDA/ Business Manager

Hello My name is Gina Walker. I have been in dentistry for over 25 years. I have had an amazing opportunity to chair side assist as an RDA in every field of dentistry. Serving patients with a high level of hospitality and understanding is my passion. Currently, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be The Business Manager overseeing business operations. I enjoy getting out of the office and marketing to our amazing referral teams. My husband, 2 kids, and English Bulldog live in Roseville. My hobbies are music and spending quality time with loved ones laughing and loving.

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