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At Aria Dental Implants & Perio, we use the latest 3-D Imaging technology available. There are countless benefits of a 3-D Scan including:​​

·        Clearer views of bone structures, tooth roots, and nerve positioning

·        Better understand the exact nature of your dental problem

·        Ability to virtually plan and visualize several treatment options

·        Allows you, the patient, to select the treatment option you want

·        See the outcome before you begin treatment!



If you want a dental implant at a low fee, most licensed dentists can easily fulfill that request.  If you prefer to restore the beauty and function of your missing teeth in such a way that not even a dentist could tell that you ever lost a tooth, then you will appreciate our services.  Did you know when a tooth is lost, that bone and gum tissue are lost too?  Periodontist’s are considered plastic surgeons of the mouth, who are trained to reconstruct missing bone and gum tissue as a integral part of implant therapy.  Dr. Korn is a periodontist who has extensive training as a microsurgeon.  Microsurgery can only be performed under the extreme magnification of a surgical microscope, and it requires a specialized team to support.  The best outcomes occur when a talented restorative dentist works synergistically with a talented microsurgeon for a discerning patient with a high value for dental health.  We serve patients who desire to make a single investment in their dental health that is designed to last a lifetime.


We use digital 3D imaging and computed planning to develop a virtual plan for every patient.  Where appropriate, special guides can be “printed” to exactly transfer the virtual plan we co-create into a beautiful result that will last for years.

Proudly serving discerning patients and advanced restorative dentists in the Roseville/Rocklin, and Sacramento areas. 


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