Leah Hawkes

My name is Leah Hawkes and I am a Registered Dental Assistant with 6 years of experience.  After exploring all the dental specialties, I discovered a love for reconstructive dental implant therapy and periodontics!  Periodontal disease destroys the foundation of teeth painlessly.  Few ever know they have periodontal disease until a dentist makes a diagnosis.  As you might imagine, it can be devastating for patients to learn that they are losing something as valuable as their oral health. There’s no better feeling than helping patients regain hope for their health.  There are few things in life more valuable than a smile!


My goal is to create a comfortable experience for each individual patient.  If there is a particular genre of music that helps you relax, please ask!  Much of my work involves helping patients better understand their problem, so that a solution feels right for them.  When we work together this way, I watch anxiety evaporate! I see every day how microsurgery allows Dr. Korn to create beautiful outcomes far more beautifully and comfortably than patients expect.  I take pride in doing my best work because I want every patient to share their experience with their friends and loved ones. I find it really satisfying when patients express their gratitude for their experiences in our office!


I love to travel, and I consider the gym to be my second home.  I value time spent with friends and family.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve you at Aria!

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