Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

With ongoing, regular cleanings and an examination by the periodontist, it is not only possible, but likely that you can live with a lifetime of dental health. We carefully consider every detail of your condition in order to develop a custom plan especially tailored for you. For maximum benefit to you, these appointments may alternate between your restorative dentist and the periodontist’s hygienists.

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that once you have completed any active therapy, you will always be more susceptible to a recurrence than someone who never had periodontal disease. By having your teeth cleaned and examined at a greater frequency, early signs of disease can be detected and your investment will be protected.

Woman receiving a periodontal maintenance therapy check-up while sitting in a dental chair.

Common Reasons for Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Man receiving a periodontal maintenance therapy procedure from a dental hygienist
One of the most common reasons for routine periodontal maintenance therapy is managing and preventing periodontal disease from recurring or spreading. We recommend scheduling regular periodontal maintenance therapy appointments after procedures like scaling and root planing to protect your investment in your dental health. Periodontal maintenance therapy is often the follow-up to microsurgery or implants to ensure proper healing and extend your treatment’s lifespan.

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Periodontal Maintenance Therapy Procedure Process

During periodontal maintenance therapy an experienced member of our periodontist team will examine your teeth and gums with a particular emphasis on any treatment areas. The hygienist will then clear any plaque, calculus, and tartar from the surface of your teeth, gumline and gum pockets to prevent the damaging effects of periodontal disease.

"Thank you so much Dr. Korn and his wonderful team. You all always make me feel so comfortable in your office with your amazing care. It was surprised me the microsurgery procedure on my gum was 100% painless and so easy recovery. You are so awesome Dr Korn .I am so happy with the results . I highly recommend Aria Dental Implants and Periodontics."

Loan Pham

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy Post Procedure Care

Right after the procedure you may experience some mild discomfort for the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours. If needed you can use over the-counter pain management medication like ibuprofen following the dosage instructions on the bottle. If any areas are particularly sensitive we recommend cleaning the area very gently and avoiding hot or cold foods if you are experiencing gum sensitivity. In most cases patients can resume all normal eating and at-home cleaning within forty-eight hours.

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Benefits of Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy can have the following impacts on your overall dental health and appearance.

  1. The primary benefit of periodontal maintenance therapy is to ensure the longevity of your oral health after a procedure. Regular therapy appointments ensure that your previous investment in improving your oral health is maintained and you continue to reap the benefits.
  2. Periodontal maintenance therapy is the best way to prevent and control the spread of periodontal disease. Regular therapy check-ups help prevent periodontal disease from occurring or worsening to keep your teeth, gums, and roots as healthy as possible.
  3. Periodontal maintenance therapy cleans the teeth, gums, and gum pockets better than at-home cleaning. The result is a healthier, better-looking smile providing greater peace of mind.

Common Periodontal Maintenance Therapy Questions & Answers

What is periodontal maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance is a cleaning-based procedure that removes plaque, tartar, calculus to prevent bacteria that leads to periodontal disease. When done correctly periodontal maintenance therapy is a preventive treatment to maintain your oral health and protect the investment made from any prior procedures.

How often do you need periodontal maintenance treatments?

We recommend scheduling a periodontal maintenance therapy visit every three to four months to ensure your oral health is at its best.

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