Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is the world’s best dental deep cleaning and the most advanced non-surgical therapy available today. For those who have not seen a hygienist or dentist for regular hygiene care, the soft plaque under the gums can become hard like a rock. SRPs, also known as “deep cleanings,” help remove the plaque beneath the gums. In severe instances, the use of locally delivered antibiotics may be considered.

Common Reasons for Scaling & Root Planing Procedures

Scaling and root planing can serve as a preventive measure or a reactionary procedure to treat periodontal disease, commonly referred to as gum disease. If you have periodontal disease that has begun to affect the health of your gum and roots, scaling and root planing is your best treatment option to stop the infection and restore your dental health.

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Scaling & Root Planing Procedure Process

Diagram showing periodontitis affecting a tooth
This non-surgical therapy is performed by a registered dental hygienist or dentist, usually over two to four appointments. Local anesthesia is always used.

This ensures the patient’s profound comfort and allows the hygienist to perform their very best work. The periodontal tissues take about a month to heal, sometimes a bit longer depending on the seriousness of the infection. During the procedure’s first steps, a registered dental hygienist or dentist will remove the plaque and tartar below the gums and in between the gums. Once this is complete, the hygienist or dentist will begin the root planing. Periodontal disease can damage dentin, cementum, enamel, and dental pulp. During root planing, the registered dental hygienist or dentist will remove tartar built up on the roots and remove cementum, a calcified film that covers a tooth’s root. After the procedure is complete, the dentist or hygienist will flush the area to remove any remaining bacteria.

"Dr. Korn and his staff are absolutely fantastic. I was referred to Dr. Korn by Dr. Upen J Patel when I needed a front tooth implant due to a failing root canal after 20 years. To say that they did stellar work would be an understatement."

Scaling & Root Planing Post Procedure Care

In most cases, patients can manage any discomfort from the procedure with over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen. Post-procedure, we recommend patients brush gently and practice usual dental hygiene. We also recommend a soft diet for the first 48-72hours. After the periodontal tissues have fully healed, Dr. Korn (regardless of where the scaling and root planing was performed) will reevaluate your tooth foundation’s health to determine if health has broken out or if the residual infection remains. In the event that residual infection is still present, he may consider additional treatment, including surgical intervention. Remember, Dr. Korn will not perform any treatment unless it makes complete sense to the patient and considers their goals for their future dental health.

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Benefits of Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling and root planing can have the following impacts on your overall dental health and appearance.

  1. A cleaner mouth free of plaque under the gum surface and on the teeth
  2. Stop or prevent periodontal disease
  3. Improve the health of your gums and reduce gum sensitivity and redness
  4. Reduce the risk of tooth loss due to periodontal or gum disease
  5. Fewer cavities due to plaque build-up

Common Scaling Root Planing Question & Answers

How long does scaling and root planing take?

While the timeline for treatment can vary for each patient, we can complete a scaling and root planing procedure within 2-4 appointments. During your initial consultation, our experienced dental team will outline your treatment timeline.

How often do you need scaling and root planing?

The number of times a patient will receive a scaling and root planing treatment is dependent on each individual case. If patients are at a higher risk of periodontal disease, returning for a deep cleaning may be necessary each year.

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