Periodontal Pocket Reduction Microsurgery

Remove Infection & Ensure Your Roots Are Clean!

Pocket reduction microsurgery (CDT codes D4260, D4261) is designed to eliminate the places under the gums where bacteria hide from your floss and the hygienist’s attempts to clean it out. Dr. Korn recommends this treatment only when other more conservative treatment options have been attempted without resulting in healthy gums.

Dr. Korn performs pocket reduction microsurgery with local anaesthesia and always under high magnification in a “minimally invasive” manner. This treatment is one step above scaling and root planing in the treatment spectrum. While scaling and root planing is performed blindly, using instruments to feel for clean roots, pocket reduction microsurgery is performed with just enough visibility to remove infection and ensure that roots are visibly clean. Healthy gum tissue is never removed as a result of this surgery. In fact, pocket depths are commonly reduced by moving the gum tissue to a healthier location, much like a plastic surgeon moves skin to eliminate wrinkles. Again, this minimally invasive treatment is performed under high magnification so that more work can be performed in a smaller space.


The results are super clean roots, very shallow pockets, and much more comfortable healing.

Every patient who has had a periodontal disease that results in the requirement for pocket reduction microsurgery has a demonstrated susceptibility to the disease. Periodontal disease has a very high rate of relapse if the cause is not appropriately addressed, even after surgery. Studies have conclusively demonstrated that relapse can be easily prevented by following a carefully prescribed program of maintenance therapy. Dr. Korn believes that patients are best served when an appropriate maintenance program is individually developed for them, taking into account all clinical factors as well as their life circumstances.