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You’ve arrived at this page because you’ve been told you have gum disease.  We’re glad you found us!  We consider it a privilege to support you from here…


Dr. Matthew Korn is a periodontist who specializes in gum microsurgery and dental implant placement.  His minimally invasive techniques allow patients to get healthy without experiencing the pain gum treatment is known for.  His amazing team specializes in creating a safe, nurturing environment where dental health can emerge.


Gum disease is a painless and progressive disease, like diabetes or high blood pressure.  If left untreated it eats away at the foundation of your teeth, leading to serious consequences including tooth loss.  We believe you can regain the periodontal and dental health you value comfortably and affordably.


Believe it or not, treating periodontal disease can be a comfortable experience!​ We will work with your dental plan and your budget.  Don’t believe it?  Call or click today and ask for a complimentary consultation.


We will help you create a simple, realistic plan for a lifetime of oral health.


Dr. Matthew Korn and Team

Microsurgical Periodontal Services

Gum (gingival) grafting

Pocket reduction

Deep cleaning (scaling and root planning)


If you want a dental implant at a low fee, most licensed dentists can easily fulfill that request.  If you prefer to restore the beauty and function of your missing teeth in such a way that not even a dentist could tell that you ever lost a tooth, then you will appreciate our services.  Did you know when a tooth is lost, that bone and gum tissue are lost too?  Periodontist’s are considered plastic surgeons of the mouth, who are trained to reconstruct missing bone and gum tissue as a integral part of implant therapy.  Dr. Korn is a periodontist who has extensive training as a microsurgeon.  Microsurgery can only be performed under the extreme magnification of a surgical microscope, and it requires a specialized team to support.  The best outcomes occur when a talented restorative dentist works synergistically with a talented microsurgeon for a discerning patient with a high value for dental health.  We serve patients who desire to make a single investment in their dental health that is designed to last a lifetime.


We use digital 3D imaging and computed planning to develop a virtual plan for every patient.  Where appropriate, special guides can be “printed” to exactly transfer the virtual plan we co-create into a beautiful result that will last for years.

Proudly serving discerning patients and advanced restorative dentists in the Roseville/Rocklin, and Sacramento areas. 


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