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On behalf of the entire team at Aria Dental Implants & Perio, we hope you are staying healthy during this challenging time. I am pleased to report that the investment we made in operational changes during April and May are paying off handsomely in allowing everyone to feel safe and protected while receiving dental care in our offices.

I'm reminded of an important message I sent to our valued patients in 2007. By the end of that year, the housing bubble had burst, and sadly, there had been 2.2 million home foreclosures. The ripples went through the entire economy and affected the stock market and retirement savings. As a result, significant dental expenses had to be put on hold. As I met with my patients and that time, I could intuitively sense their financial concerns and struggles. I made a decision to have the “difficult conversations about the obvious” with my patients. Many of my patients were either beginning or were in the midst of significant reconstructive cases, and most had to be “paused” for understandable economic reasons.

I remember how many patients were genuinely surprised that I would offer to pause with and for them! A few patients shared how they felt embarrassed by having to pause, so much so that a few told me they thought they might not feel welcome to stay in my practice unless they continued with the existing plan. I'm so glad I made a decision to ask every patient, “Does the current economic situation require you to pause your treatment?” Many patients answered, “Yes!” My routine answer was, “Lets pause your treatment and keep you in the safety net!” My hygienist’s operatory is that safety net.

Periodontitis is a painless and progressive disease that eats away the foundation of the teeth. Its like a train driving down the tracks. It does not care if there is an economic crisis or a pandemic. Its relentless. The worst thing a periodontal patient can do is not see a periodontist! The journey to periodontal Healthville is like a train moving in the opposite direction. There are many safe places (small towns) to stop along the way. Each small town on the journey has a qualified hygienist to help maintain the health you’ve fought hard to achieve. When the vaccine arrives, everyone can get back on the train to the big city of Healthville!

The message I hope every patient can hear is that we are here and open for business. It is safe to see the dentist, and your dental health depends upon it. If you need to pause for any reason, please allow us to help you find a safe place to rest while we wait this pandemic out. We are all in this together!

Best of Health,

Dr. Matt

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