Crown Lengthening Microsurgery

Crown Lengthening Microsurgery

Crown lengthening microsurgery is a surgical procedure that adjusts the gum around a tooth to expose more of the tooth structure. If a tooth has insufficient crown height, there might not be enough tooth structure to accommodate a restoration procedure. In these instances, crown lengthening surgery may be necessary in order to provide more tooth structure for your dentist to work with. Your dentist does his best work when all parts of your teeth can are visible.

Dr. Korn performs crown lengthening microsurgery to assist in this process. Crown lengthening microsurgery can also change the look of the front teeth. If your teeth look too short or too wide, the chances are that you will benefit from crown lengthening microsurgery to make them look more beautiful.

Crown Lengthening Microsurgery Procedure Process

Dr. Korn performs crown lengthening microsurgery with local anesthesia. Dr. Korn almost never removes healthy gum tissue during microsurgery. Much like a plastic surgeon moves skin to eliminate wrinkles, Dr. Korn reduces pocket depths by moving the gum tissue to a healthier location on the root. This minimally invasive treatment is performed under high magnification to perform more work in a smaller space. The result is super clean roots, very shallow pockets, and easy visibility of the broken or decayed tooth.

Crown Lengthening Microsurgery Post Procedure Care

Recovering from a crown lengthening microsurgery is usually pain-free and only takes a few days. We recommend not eating until the anesthesia has entirely worn off to reduce the risk of accidentally biting your lips or cheek. Patients can manage any discomfort with over-the-counter options like Ibuprofen or Advil. Sensitivity to cold-temperature foods and beverages is common but usually subsides after a few days.

Benefits of Crown Lengthening Microsurgery

Crown lengthening microsurgery can have the following impacts on your overall dental health and appearance.

  • Improve the look of your smile by evening out an inconsistent gumline to showcase your teeth better.
  • Lower the risk of tooth decay by reducing surface area covered by gums allowing you to brush the area more effectively to keep it bacteria-free.
  • Crown and fillings can be better supported when the gumline is set at the correct level.

Is a crown lengthening microsurgery painful?

During the surgery, we use local anesthesia to ensure the process is pain-free. Post-procedure, patients experience little to no discomfort, which they can manage with over-the-counter pain medications. Sensitivity to cold food and drinks is not uncommon but will subside within a few days.

How long does it take to recover from a crown lengthening microsurgery?

Full recovery for a crown lengthening microsurgery takes a couple of months. However, you can resume normal eating and habits after a couple of days.