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At Aria Dental Implants & Periodontics, we are passionate about restoring the health of your dental foundation.

about us

At Aria Dental Implants & Periodontics, we are passionate about restoring the health of your dental foundation. Think of us as a “solo in your dentist’s opera” of dental services. Our experienced team can help you restore and maintain your overall dental health. Why Aria? If you want to restore the beauty and function of your missing teeth in such a way that not even a dentist could tell that you ever lost a tooth, then you will appreciate our services. Dr. Korn is a periodontist who has extensive training as a microsurgeon. Dr. Korn performs microsurgery under the extreme magnification of a surgical microscope, and he requires his specialized team to support the surgery. Our experienced dental staff uses 3D imaging and computed planning to develop a virtual plan for every patient, ensuring a beautiful result that will last for years.

meet the doctor

Dr. Matthew Korn

Dr. Matthew Korn is a periodontist, a dentist who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions that affect the foundation of the teeth. This area of specialty includes the complex and sophisticated art and science of reconstructive treatment, using high-tech 3D imaging, regenerative therapy (allowing patients to regenerate their own bone and gum tissue), and dental implant technology. Thankfully, the days of unsophisticated, painful “bone grafting” are over. Matt is one of very few periodontists nationwide performing minimally invasive microsurgery.

Matt is passionate about ending the suffering and loss associated with periodontal disease. In 30 years of clinical practice, he has seen first-hand how “periodontitis,” the painless and progressive infection of the gum and bone, slowly destroys the foundation of the teeth and results in significant disabilities. Matt believes that any patient can return to health, no matter how far down the scale they’ve slipped, and that this journey can be comfortable physically, emotionally and financially.

Matt understands that successful outcomes also require bringing harmony to the occlusion (the bite, or fit of the teeth), the mechanical workings of the teeth supported by the foundation. Matt is the only Sacramento periodontist that specializes in treating both periodontal diseases and complex occlusal problems. Matt takes the time to discover the many internal and external factors that play a role in re-establishing and maintaining dental health for a lifetime. Matt is committed to serving the patient as a whole being.

One of the pillars of success at Aria Periodontics & Implants is the amazing team. Matt often says that every positive outcome for every patient is made possible by the wonderful contribution of his empowered team. The team is the most important asset of this organization. No expense is spared when it comes to training and preparing. Every dedicated employee of Aria Dental Implants & Perio follows Matt's lead in a lifetime commitment to growth and learning.

Early Career

His career began in 1990 with the belief that he could someday become a master clinician if he dedicated himself to a lifetime of learning, as if dental school never ended. He completed a residency program with a certificate in periodontology and dental implant surgery at the University of Southern California, the first periodontal residency program to include formal training in the microsurgical placement of dental implants. He fondly recalls that early in his career, dental implant placement into the jawbone had outpaced the technology to add a tooth to them. His biggest challenge was to find a dentist who had been trained to place a crown on a dental implant. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come today!

A vast majority of patients with periodontal problems can be successfully returned to health with very simple, comfortable, and predictable care. This is the most likely outcome when working with the many wonderful restorative dentists in the Sacramento area who diagnose problems at their earliest stages, and refer their patients to Dr. Korn for early intervention.

Unfortunately, due to its painless and progressive nature, not all periodontal problems are simple, and many are not noticed at an early stage. Dr. Korn realized early in his career that treating more severe cases was often more complicated, and that there may be other hidden, undiagnosed problems. Although success came easily at the time, Dr. Korn began to experience the disappointment of patients who either chose not to treat their problem because it didn’t hurt, or after treatment experienced a relapse of their disease. He began to realize that there was more to the practice of periodontics than being an excellent technician.

In an effort to better understand the factors that would create more predictable success, Dr. Korn dedicated himself to behavioral education in addition to his ongoing technical learning. That journey began in 2002 at the LD Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida. He discovered that long-term dental health required connecting with the person attached to the teeth. His practice was transformed as he gained a reputation as the periodontist who was willing to help his patient first become aware of their problem, so that they could eventually partner with him and their dentist in making decisions about treatment. Dr. Korn understands that successful outcomes also require bringing harmony to the occlusion (bite), the mechanical workings of the teeth supported by the foundation. Dr. Korn is the only Sacramento periodontist who specializes in treating both periodontal diseases and complex occlusal problems. Dr. Korn takes the time to discover the many internal and external factors that play a role in re-establishing and maintaining dental health for a lifetime. Dr. Korn is committed to serving the patient as a whole being.

Continued Education & Development

A long, long time ago, Matt earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of California, Davis. After taking three years off to find himself and four years in dental school, the University of California at San Francisco granted him a license to practice dentistry. Because he sat between an amazing graphic artist and a gifted dental lab technician, he made a decision to specialize in dental implantology and periodontics. Matt completed his residency in 1992, the first year that formal dental implant training was a part of any residency program.

At the University of Southern California, microsurgery and computed tomography were brand new to the curriculum, too. As a practicing microsurgeon for almost 30 years, Matt has completed continuum training at the LD Pankey Institute and Spear Education. Matt takes the time to discover the many technical and behavioral factors that play a role in re-establishing and maintaining holistic dental health for the patient’s lifetime.

‍For the last ten years, Matt has dedicated himself to developing as a leader in the Sacramento dental community. He participates in several ongoing personal growth programs. Matt is currently the chair of the California Dental Association Wellness Committee. He has a local study club (The Possibilities Club) dedicated to mentoring local dentists who aspire to grow in their understanding of comprehensive care in their practices. To date, he has proudly mentored and developed six employees who have gone on to become practicing dentists.

Hobbies and Interests

Matt often says he’s never worked a day in his life because he loves his job. Despite his busy schedule, he has a love affair with bicycles, and can often be found grinding up and down the local roads, trails and race courses on one of his beloved machines. Winter doesn’t slow him down. He simply shifts to downhill or backcountry.

meet the team

Dylan Crabtree
Director of Operations

Hello! I’m Dylan Crabtree, Director of Operations at Aria Dental Implants & Perio. I’ve began my career in dentistry in 2011 as an RDA. After a few years, I worked my way up a supervisory position with a large group practice. Over this time, I became passionate about dentistry because I’ve seen how it changes patient’s lives for the better.

In 2019, I applied to dental school, and I was simultaneously offered an alternate path to learn the business of dentistry. I continued to grow in my knowledge and appreciation for the business of dentistry.

Early Career

Much of my work in last four years involved recruiting and developing relationships between specialists and restorative dentists in the Central Valley, Sacramento and Bay Area. I appreciate the energy required of both restorative dentists and periodontists to communicate at a level required to create optimal results for their valued patients. I am passionate about facilitating that interdisciplinary communication, so that both doctors and their teams can perform at their highest levels.

Aligning with referring doctors allowed me to better appreciate the complex nature of interdisciplinary communication. As the Director of Operations, I am excited to get to know you and work with you. I will be visiting your office regularly to check in with you and your team to see what I can do to support you and your office. I am “on call” to take your questions and provide information and support about patients you send our way.

meet the team

Danielle Espinoza
Lead Registered Dental Assistant

Danielle is the lead registered dental assistant at Aria Dental Implants & Perio, supporting Dr. Korn during routine dental care and surgical procedures. She is unique in the office, having obtained a certification from the California Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMAS).

Danielle prepares patients for procedures, sterilizes instruments, provides post-operative care instructions, and ensures each patient room is well stocked. She enjoys working with the team Dr. Korn has assembled at Aria Dental and prides herself on taking care of each patient who walks through the doors at the Sacramento or Rocklin location. Danielle considers every day as an opportunity to learn new techniques and best practices from Dr. Korn.

Early Career

Danielle has worked in multiple specialties throughout her dental career, including orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and public health dentistry. Of the nine varying specialties within dentistry, she decided she enjoyed oral and maxillofacial surgery the most. Danielle quickly realized her goal, obtaining her OMAS after seven months of working in oral surgery.

This isn’t the first time she has doggedly pursued a certification in dentistry. She completed her RDA only a year after becoming a certified dental assistant. RDAs generally have more educational requirements and are trained to perform administrative and clinical duties, such as assisting a dentist or dental hygienist with a procedure by handing them instruments, taking x-rays, administering topical anesthesia, and other non-invasive tasks.

meet the team

Julia Crabtree
Financial Coordinator

Julia Crabtree is the financial coordinator for Aria Dental Implants & Perio. She manages accounts receivable, submits insurance claims, and verifies patient eligibility and benefits. Before a patient begins a recommended treatment, she formats a financial agreement outlining the costs of procedures, what their insurance will pay, and the remaining out-of-pocket expenses. Patients must sign this document before treatment begins.

Julia is licensed to use a dental X-Ray machine and is a registered dental assistant. Her favorite part of her job is seeing patients before and after treatment. She prides herself on helping people achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of having.

Early Career

Before Julia’s current role, she worked as an office manager, where she learned to work with patients to create the best financial plans to fit their budgets. She facilitated several payment options depending on what was financially best for the dental practice and the patient. Through her hard work, she achieved the lowest number of errors in verifying benefits while coordinating financials.

She began her dental career more than ten years ago with a dental assistant externship, working her way to the front office, where she discovered her passion for organization and continued education. From there, she became an assistant operations manager and aided in the opening of several dental practices.

meet the team

Megan Hosking
Scheduling Coordinator

Megan is the Scheduling Coordinator for Aria Dental Implants & Perio, and she is responsible for all scheduling-related aspects of the practice. She has a comprehensive organizational understanding of every aspect of patient appointments, meeting scheduling, and coordinating the doctor’s schedule during patient care hours and office hours.

Megan herds referrals from other dental offices to obtain the patient’s medical file and additional pertinent information for Dr. Korn to provide the best treatment. Megan is the first person who patients see when they come into the Aria Dental Implants & Perio. She loves being the person who addresses the needs of patients and answers any questions they may have.

Early Career

Megan graduated from UC Davis in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science. She began her career in dentistry as a dental assistant for Dr. Wilson Orthodontics in Davis, where she worked for almost six years. She learned the intricacies of dental lab work by creating oral molds, X-Ray preparation, and curating patient records.

Additionally, she learned the administrative functions involved in maintaining a dental office at a high level of efficiency by answering emails and phone calls from patients about their orthodontic care, scheduling follow-up appointments, and training new employees in dental assisting. From there, she had a brief stint as a Laboratory Animal Technician for Genentech, a biotechnology company developing medicines and treatments for people with serious and life-threatening diseases.

But Megan wanted to return to the field of dentistry to help patients directly. In her current role, she helps form a positive first impression with new patients while they wait for Dr. Korn and the rest of his team.

our patients say

Dr. Korn performed a gum graft and I was shocked at how easy it was to go through the procedure and heal. His very friendly office staff walked me through the process and Dr. Korn took the time to make sure I understood what was going to happen and what needed to happen to make the procedure successful.  I always felt cared for and well-served. While the procedure was intimidating at first, I had no troubles and only the slightest discomfort.

Hugh S

Five stars for sure! I was so nervous about my gum surgery but guess what? It was so easy! I was well taken care of and had very little pain. I was so nervous and they assured me it would be ok. And it was! Very professional and friendly. I recommend Dr. Korn and his staff to anyone who needs these services. Please don’t be scared - they will take care of you! Just do it!

Becky M

What a pleasure it is to go to Dr. Korn's office! I thought that having an implant was going to be so painful, but it was so easy and painless! Dr. Korn and his staff treated me very kind and professional. I highly recommend this Dental implant and periodontist to anyone needing this type of service!

Janice S

From scheduling, to pre-op, to the procedure, to the post-op visits, I felt like I was in great & caring hands. I was nervous about having “gum grafting surgery”. However, it was NOT nearly as bad as I had imagined. Dr Korn & Rosa are fantastic!

Tammy L

It's amazing how comfortable I felt after the first visit. they answered all my questions so that I could actually understand them and they treated me very well. I am confident the rest of the procedure will go as well as the extraction did.

John G

I feel this is the best Periodontics (Dr. Korn) in town Dr. Korn and his staff make you feel that you are part of there family very warm and caring I would recommend them to any one.

Joyce W