Our Philosophy - Sacramento, CA

Committed to the
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Our Commitment to Total Wellness

Welcome to Aria Dental Implants & Perio! For more than three decades, periodontist Matt has dedicated his life to providing his patients with the best care possible. As one of the few periodontists nationwide performing minimally invasive microsurgery, Matt is dedicated to utilizing the latest and greatest technologies to improve his patients’ quality of life.

Matt believes that every positive outcome for every patient is made possible by the wonderful contribution of his empowered team. As an experienced periodontist and implant dentist, Matt, and his team at Aria Dental Implants & Perio are passionate about what they do and always strive for excellence. Their commitment and dedication to creating a positive experience for their clients is evident in everything they do.

Our Core Values for Exceptional Dental Care

At Aria Dental Implants & Perio, our philosophy is based on eight core values.

Commitment and Dedication
Love (Philia)

Where Advanced Technology Meets Expert Care

At our periodontal office, we pride ourselves on utilizing the most up-to-date and advanced technology to provide our patients with exceptional dental care. We understand that staying at the forefront of dental technology is crucial to delivering accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. That is why we use e state-of-the-art technology which consists of the following:


CBCT scanner

Our state-of-the-art CBCT scanner allows for precise 3D imaging to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and treatment options.


3D printer

A 3D dental printer is a revolutionary tool that allows us to create precise and customized dental prosthetics to be made on-site for implant placement.


Intraoral Scanner

A small camera is inserted into the patient’s mouth to capture high-resolution images of the teeth and gums. These images are used to identify dental problems and develop treatment plans.

dsd digital smile being recreated

Smile Simulation Technology

Gives our patients a visual preview of their future smiles. Our advanced technology, combined with the expertise of Matt, enables us to provide unparalleled care that ensures our patients leave our office with beautiful and healthy smiles.


Sprintray 3D Printer

Our Sprintray 3D printer is an advanced manufacturing device designed to create precise dental prosthetics. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it enables the production of dental models, crowns, bridges, and various restorations with exceptional accuracy. The Sprintray 3D printer streamlines dental fabrication, providing our team with a reliable and efficient solution for top-notch restorative and prosthetic outcomes.

Leading the Way in Quality Dental Care and Community Involvement

At Aria Dental Implants & Perio, we are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients. One way we ensure this is by prioritizing our commitment to continuing education. We understand that dentistry is a constantly evolving field and staying up to date with the latest techniques and technologies is crucial for providing the highest quality of care. This dedication to learning and improving our skills translates directly to the trust our patients have in us. We take the time to listen and understand our patient’s needs, concerns, and values to create personalized treatment plans. We believe communication is key and we use all resources at our disposal to ensure clear communication with our patients.

Our commitment to community involvement extends beyond our dental office walls. Through charitable organizations, we identify those in need of dental treatment and treat several cases annually in partnership with local labs. Our lead periodontist, Matt, in Sacramento, CA, also serves as chair of the California Dental Association’s Wellness Committee which assists dentists in California who struggle with mental health or substance use disorders. We believe our commitment to continued education, trust, communication, and community involvement sets us apart and helps us provide exceptional care to our patients. If you’ve been searching for a periodontist near you, you’ve arrived.